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Shown is a Stage I Cooling System
with a 450 Ton Platen Press
SDM 1200HD Series Platen Press
SDM Dual Loader 1200HD Platen Press
SDM Dual Loader Laminator with MAX-RAMP™
The SDM Laminator Press™ with MAX-RAMP™ features allows fast, uniform temperature changes within the platens. The platens are temperature tuned with proprietary adjustable diverters for the most uniform temperature obtainable. Shown is a 2 opening, 66" x 148" press with capabilities of 100 PSI over the total platen area. The presses are typically used in the manufacture of flat structures and can encompass a variety of custom processing parameters. SDM TECHNOLOGY specializes in presses for the Composite Industry, however our technology is applicable to a variety of applications and industries.
"In Process" LAMINATOR™ Series Presses



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