What We Do

Composite Fabrication:

SDM Technology has processed and manufactured a large variety of composite structures. We have developed optimum processing methods for the production of:

Carbon Epoxy Laminates, Phenolic faced Nomex™ Honeycomb Panels, Aluminum faced balsa cored panels, Nylon™ impregnated carbon-fiber laminates, PPS™ Carbon filled laminates, Aluminum Honeycomb Panels and many other thermosets and thermoform resin systems including: Epoxy, Phenolic, Urethane, Acrylics, Silicone, Polycarbonate, Spectra™, Kevlar™, Polypropylene, BMI and PPS™. We would be happy to quote your composite fabrication needs. More...

Platen Press Manufacturing:

Since 1982 SDM Technology has manufactured custom platen presses for a wide array of customers. Our unique design and 95% in-house fabrication abilities allows us to deliver your press ontime, on schedule and within budget. Our presses have been optimized for even load distribution over the platens, temperature uniformity, minimizing temperature gradients as temperature transitions to higher or lower levels and platen stability under heavy pressure. All of these areas were addressed to optimize processing of resin systems. More...

Gun Drilling:

In-House Gun Drilling services are available. Developed for use with the MAX RAMP ™ process on our platen presses, we can offer our customers capablities up to 72" x 168", 10,000lbs. More...

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