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Composite Fabrication
Laminates, Carbon Epoxy, Glass Epoxy, Thermoforms Including PPS™, Nylon, Spectra™, Polypropylene, Custom Interior Aircraft Doors, Aircraft Seating Structures, Freeway Signs, Honeycomb Panels, Composite Structural Components

Platen Presses
Multi-Opening, Efficient Air Over Oil High Pressure System, MAX-RAMP™ Technology, Proprietary Diverters, Low / High Temperature and Pressure, 12" x 12" to 72" x 168" platen size, Install, Setup and Training Services

New - , our 1885 Ton, 5 opening Laminator HD. This press will apply over 500 PSI on a 4' x 12' laminate. Platen size is 66" x 148". Process temperature now span from 50 to 650°F. Cooling is now available with our new 95 Ton Dual Stage Super Cooler. Heating capacity has been increased from 1.2 million BTU to 3.2 million BTU. These changes dramatically increase our processing range to provide our customers the ability to process laminates not previously available. More...

The presses are typically used in the manufacture of flat structures and can encompass a variety of custom processing parameters. SDM TECHNOLOGY specializes in presses for the Composite Industry, however our technology is applicable to a variety of applications and industries.


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